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R.u-i.s Certified Company Distinction

MCTU Construtora, Lda., was distinguished by AICCOPN as a Certified Company R.U-I.S.

R.U.-I.S. – Intelligent and sustainable Urban Rehabilitation is a registered trademark of AICCOPN, which stands as a symbol of trust for all stakeholders in rehabilitation, companies, institutional entities and the general public.

AICCOPN attributes the “Qualified Company” distinction to companies that meet a benchmark of quality and legality and that are distinguished by:
Trust: The company is legally qualified to carry out the activity and ensures compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

Commitment: The company assumes compliance with a Code of Business Conduct and respect for the R.U.-I.S Regulation

Safety: The company has adequate contracts for Accident Insurance, Occupational Medicine and Safety.

Solidity: The company complies with financial indicators and positions itself in the market with a view to continuity and the ability to respond to its obligations.

Quality: The company adopts practices that promote the qualification of its human resources and sustainability and that allow them to offer the best and most innovative solutions for each case.

Qualified companies R.U—I.S.:
They undertake to respect and ensure respect for the Code of Business Conduct and the R.U.-I.S.

Fulfill the legal requirements for the exercise of the construction activity
They are organized in order to prevent risks and adopt measures that promote safety, accident prevention and the health and training of their workers.

They present indicators of financial strength and market presence that constitute a guarantee for their customers.

Respect the environment and use environmentally smart and sustainable practices
They follow best practices and innovation, encouraging the updating of knowledge and the improvement of the skills of their human resources.